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Standards & Quality

D.S.M.S produces different sizes and components of the caravan in accordance to our client’s needs.
The sizes are mainly: 3×6 m, 3×7.5 m and 3×9 m.

D.S.M.S Caravans, mainly suited for all temporary occupancy needs (e.g. labor residence, mobile residential units, and/or additional units) especially in remote conditions. They are also successfully used for various and diverse functions including additional educational units in schools, on constructions, petroleum sites, for accommodations, offices, field clinics, toilet units, among many others.

Main types of caravans:

  1. Normal caravan units on chassis.
  2. Caravans with skids: These are specially designed for desert sites. The skids on this unique design allow the cabins to be conveniently transported in the desert without the use of cranes.

on trailers: These caravans are placed on wheels so that they may be easily and conveniently transported



The walls are typically made of sandwich panels composed of: 

  • Either a layer of polyurethane injected between two layers of corrugated sheets, or between one layer of MDF and another of corrugated steel sheets, or between two layers of MDF (usually this option is used for internal partitions with an internal layer of polystyrene).
  • Interior walls of toilets are made of 2 layers of galvanized pre-painted sheets.
  • Windows, Doors, Electrical Works, Sanitary Works, Floorings and Ground Works are carried out by D.S.M.S, with varieties to meet all tastes.


Cold rolled steel sections to be painted with primer and oil coats.


Corrugated galvanized pre-painted steel sheets, over glass wool insulation blank (2 inch thickness).

Ceilings can be any of the following options:

  1. Mineral fiber tiles: 60×60 em.
  2. MDF tiles covered with melamine: 60×60 em.
  3. Corrugated galvanized pre-painted steel sheets.
  4. Corrugated galvanized pre-painted steel strips.

Material qualifications

Corrugated Sheets and Flashings

Standards & Quality

D.S.M.S corrugated steel sheets and its flashings are manufactured in accordance to the American Standards Specifications ASTM A653. These high quality galvanized and prepainted galvanized corrugated sheets are produced in various thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 0.7 mm. Icon corrugated sheets have earned a remarkable reputation in the market to the extent that they have basically became the common name for metal sheets. ICON produces the corrugated sheets, finishing flashings and rain gutters. D.S.M.S productions of corrugated steel sheets are processed with a continuous giant corrugation line achieves a monthly rate exceeds 100 000 ml.

Technical Specifications

  • 1st grade imported steel, galvanized & preprinted
  • Zinc coating weight: 180 gm / m2 – G60
  • Front face coats: 25 microns nominal (5 microns of primer + 20 microns of Silicon Polyester paint)
  • Back face coats: (8 microns of primer)
  • Standards: ASTM A653
  • Origins: KSA – Taiwan – Korea and India, according to available stock


Sandwich Panels

Standards & Quality

Sandwich panels are produced in accordance to the specific needs of the client; and therefore vary in length, width and thickness correspondingly,  according to the mentioned technical specifications. The multi-layered panel is made up of an environmental friendly layer of Polyurethane injected between two layers of standardized corrugated steel sheets or MDF covered with proper finishing material. The Sandwich Panel provides a solid thermal and sound insulator; also, it’s used as roofing, cladding of industrial constructions and other applications like manufacturing Cold Stores, Shelters, Caravan units and Prefabricated Buildings. ICON panels also can be fire rated ones, using a PUR of class B2, with fire extinguishing behavior.

Technical Specifications

  • Steel Sheets
  • MDF Sheets
  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Stainless Steel Sheets
Insulation Material
  • Polyurethane classes – B3 & B2, injected type
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.02° kcal/mhc, Water absorption ratio: not less than 5
  • Density: 40 kg/m3
  • Components manufacturers: BAYER, HUNTSMANN or SAMSUNG
  • Standards: DIN-4102-1


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