Container modification

Shipping containers were originally designed to ship goods, but human beings are nothing if not inventive, and since then, shipping containers have been modified for use in all sorts of different ways. And here at D.S.M.S , we have one of the biggest modification centres in Egypt, which means we can help create your dream converted shipping container

Simple container modifications to suit you

So what kind of modifications have we got? What do you need? Modifications range from the basic to the slightly more complicated, but all of them can be done easily with Shipping Containers Sydney. You can add specialty flooring and heavy-duty shelving, install windows and doors, arrange electrical and phone outlets, insulation, air conditioning and hot water systems and more. Even whole kitchens and bathrooms. Or you may just want the container painted with your logo and company colours. Whatever you want, we can do it for you, and then ship it out to you, wherever you are. Easy!

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