Shipping agency


As one of the leading shipping agents in Egypt, we strive to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients and we plan to serve them with the best shipping services possible in all Egyptian ports with a consistent level of proffesionalism and quality

  • With Rapid Turnaround time.
  • Efficiency in Port Operations.
  • Daily Vessel Updates.
  • Accurate Accounting systems.


With a good relationship with many global bunker suppliers, now you can replenish your good vessel with us wherever your destination either in Port during a call or Off Port Limits, whenever convenient.

Feel free to contact us for offers at any destination at any point in time to supply your vessel with high quality Bunker fuels and Lub Oils, in a timely manner to ensure the success of your voyage.


Since 1998, we started to act on behalf of some of our principals in achieving their corporate goals & achieving well managed and successful voyages, by having a centralized DA system and one point of contact in many Asian ports, including South Korea, India, Japan and China, this helps our principals to have certainty that their voyage is well managed.


Maintenance and cleanliness of vessels help to ensure the longevity and continuity of her operations efficiency.
We make sure of the process excellence by providing before & after photos, to the services executed.


A fast and efficient process of delivering vessels needs timely will ensure that turnaround time is minimized as at sea “time is money”.
Services offered are follows:

  • Crew Handling
  • Cash To Master
  • Spares clearance and Onboard Delivery
  • Provisions and fresh water Supply
  • Support Vessels dry docking
  • Crew Welfare


Every successful voyage depends mainly on the crew operating the vessel for which Unimas offers a wide range of competent Egyptian and Non-Egyptian Officers and Engineers graduated from one of the best maritime schools.

Also many other training courses could be arranged to guarantee that the Vessel is operated in high comptency.


As a result of an increasing risk of piracy and hijacks in the horn of Africa near the Somali coasts, the hiring of security guards became an important addition to reduce the risks of piracy and to ensure the safety of the voyage.

Since Suez is one of the most important ports globaly and one of the most convenient ports for embarking & disembarking of security teams and weapons, we offer a timely & smooth process of handling all aspects of the process in a safe and timely manner.


Based on the geographical location of Egypt & the convenience of the Suez Canal in providing a path from Europe to Asia, however based on the capacity & draft restrictions of the Suez Canal, VLCCS (Very Large Crude Carriers) are not restricted to transit, subject to ship lightering.
In order to insure safe transit some vessels are allowed to exercise a lightering process through SUMED Pipelines & by doing so the vessels draft is reduced for her to be within the boundaries of the Suez Canal.


Vessels Owners, Managers & Operators are mostly seeking the best allocation for time & money.
Unimas commits to deliver supplies in a timely manner, and try to achieve consolidation per vessel, doing so with our in house owned supply vessels in the Suez Canal region, in order to minimize any unforeseen delays, to avoid duplication of costs per vessel, and to provide flexibility to the vessel master and to vessel management company to choose the best scenarios in order to achieve vessel goal.


When you come face-to-face with a management problem, you want to remain at ease by partnering with a shipping agent that provides the efficiency in logistics
The shipping industry is the main player in transportation of products worldwide.
However, that alone is not sufficient, hence the importance of an efficient supply chain for routine maintenance spares and equipment.
Unimas offers its clients a “Door-to-Deck”, “Deck-to-Door” and “Deck-to-Deck” delivery services for ship spare parts & courier, with a skilled supply chain management, warehousing & freight forwarding, ship supply, marine & offshore support, we add efficiecy to the entire process.


When it comes to STS-Operation in Suez OPL, Unimas crew and supply fleet is one amongst a few of the well experienced in this field, for almost 10 years of ship-to-ship transfers, our local knowledge and experience helps to ensure the smooth operation from liaising with parties & authorities involved to providing an on call supply boat to aid in the safety of the operation.

  • Through arranging PERMITS and CLEARANCES.
  • We provide CREW HANDLING
  • We handle crew MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.

Unimas ensures the safety of vessels and the successful execution of the operation on behalf of the appointing party in order to make sure we meet their interests in Egypt.

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